Monday, 12 November 2012

Depraved Behaviour

Dear Friend

I am very sorry I have spoiled our friendship and ruined your image of me but this latter was only ever an illusion and you were an innocent victim of my duplicity.

I feel it right now to come clean and explain in more detail the behaviour that has led to this situation. There is no good reason as to why I behaved as I did except perhaps the little purple pills the french girl used to give me. But, looking back, I do not know why I performed such disgusting and degrading acts. Perhaps revealing those details here will help to put this episode of my life into the past.

It started off as we thought, quite innocently. We would sit facing one another and stroke each others bare elbows, first the lower arm, caressing and smoothing the hairy flesh and working up nearer to the top of the arm, then back again to linger on the joint. We would use our fingers to twiddle the elbow joint. At the time the pleasure was was so intense we would bend the arms right back to maximise the sensations. It was, then, a very moving and limb bending experience which deepened our feelings and helped us to reach out and explore further depravities.

There was the knee. Basically we would crouch facing one another and let our knees touch. Scrambling forward to get knees against thighs was a delightful moving experience. When that was over she would demonstrate her appreciation by waving a bare foot in the air. 

There was a time of real daring when we both undressed in the same room, at the same time, with the lights on. I kept my goggles on of course. Sometimes we would do all this standing on one leg in the bath,

We used to do these and other things regularly every leap year until the kids started laughing at us. And in those days we were kind to one another. I remember one Christmas I bought her a brand new tin opener and she got me a bucket and broom. And we used to play parlour games like the Nose game, where you had to breathe through just one nostril - the first one not to laugh was the winner. Such fun.

Then things started to go downhill and she started abusing me. She would expect me to lift my legs while she vacuumed under them. She used to make me clean up my fingernail cuttings and then expect me to wash the dishes. She used to do snide little things like hide my bottle opener.
Also she went out a lot in the evenings - I was told by a friend that he had seen her on the corner leaning on a lamp-post wearing a very short skirt and smoking, waving to sailors as they drove past. I didn't believe that, I have never seen a lamp-post wearing a skirt. She told me she was at bingo and that was where all her money came from.

I try to be civil and polite to her but it doesn't work. Only last year, I saw her in the hallway and said "Good morning" and her response was to leer at me and make one of her sarcastic Herrumps.

That is enough confession for one day. I will reveal more another time when you have found that time will heal your outrage.

MonSewer Feelthy

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