Monday, 12 November 2012

Hello and welcome to my pages of nonsense.

Pages of meaningless rubbish and odd bits from my brain that I jot down here. You may groan at some of my one liners and think some are profound but what the hell - just waste some time. Let me know
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Idea for a name

Prince Charles, in his garden at Highgrove has an area called "The Stumpary" - an area with old tree stumps which are allowed to rot natrually and grow wild for insects and grubs to make their home.

Some people have wormeries in their garden to allow the worms to process vegetable matter into compost.

I am planning an area for bugs to help with the insect population and I invite your ideas for a name....

I have been really busy today looking out the window...

...and if I get bored I look out of another window.

There was a hole in my memory but I couldn’t look into it because I’d forgotten where it was.

It’s just as well fish can swim.

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